“Feeling B” Special: You’ll never reach the top – 25 years of Feeling B

Once upon a time…  Feeling B is a legendary East-Punk band. The singer, Aljoscha Rompe, was one of the most dazzling figures of the [more…]

“Feeling B” Special: Interview with Flake in Powermetal.de

A really special CD/book set will be released on the 16th of November, 2007. None other than the keyboarder of our most successful German [more…]

“Feeling B” Special – East-Punk: “I miss the GDR. “ (Spiegel )

Sex Pistols on the West’s radio, punk concerts as church services and beer by the gallons: in the 80s, punk was thriving in the [more…]

Twelve hours: Rockin‘ the box – morgenpost.de

“Black Box Music“ organizes concerts for superstars such as Rammstein and Westernhagen. The area is a secret world full of explosions, guitars and gold [more…]

Rammstein – German unity (Metal Hammer July 2014)

  The rolling “R“, celebrates an anniversary: for twenty years, Rammstein has fascinated us with the most prominent and, at the same time, most [more…]

“Wacken 3D – louder than hell” premieres 24 July, 2014

Wacken 3D – Heavy Metal Festival soon in a cinema near you! 75,000 Metal fans are standing on a field in the village Wacken [more…]

Rolling Stone – Exclusive interview with Till Lindemann and Flake Lorenz (translation)

Rammstein: Exclusive interview with Till Lindemann and Flake Lorenz. Read the latest interview of our big Rammstein Special. Till Lindemann and Flake Lorenz in [more…]
Rammstein concert in Oslo, 2012, photo: Kim Erlandsen, NRK P3, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Better everywhere but home?

  Six burning hearts, six studio albums, millions of fans. The German Industrial Metal band, Rammstein, will shortly celebrate their twenty year anniversary, and [more…]

Tough guys and their way to a delicate art

By Anne Langert Image: Alex Freundorfer Illustrations: Matthias Matthies Translation by Murray Original Source Berliner Abendblatt   Till Lindemann and Matthias Matthies – long- time, [more…]

I will always show “Fresh Eggs from freerange chickens”…

Exclusive for Rammstein USA: Interview with Stephan Schrör, owner of Fresh Eggs gallery in Berlin, exhibitor of the art of Till Lindemann and Matthias [more…]