I’m a bit scared

“I’m a bit scared“ Interview by Manuel Berger, laut.de He’s Till Lindemann’s sex slave and punching bag, gets cooked into a stew on a [more…]

Children like to sleep in cribs

The Rammstein keyboard player, Flake Lorenz, likes to reminisce about his youth in the East, a lot of alcohol and Hiddensee. And now, he’s [more…]

Brilliant Stages tours Europe with Rammstein

Brilliant Stages were approached by Jon Perry of Perry Scenic to collaborate on the supply of the staging for German Industrial Metal Rock Band, Rammstein who tour Europe and the Eastern [more…]

Our new website for all things Emigrate

Visit for all things Emigrate – news, band information and more : EMIGRATE USA

Rammstein is on Spotify

From November, 26, 2014, Rammstein full discography is available worldwide on the music streaming service, Spotify. There’s been lengthy negotiations, and the reason for [more…]
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Bryan Adams photographs Rammstein for ZOO Magazine

  To celebrate its 10th anniversary, ZOO Magazine has dedicated itself to its roots. The international magazine for fashion and art that was founded [more…]

Emigrate USA Exclusive Interview!!

BEHIND THE SILENCE By Emigrate USA Emigrate USA had the exclusive opportunity to interview Emigrate’s Mr. Richard Z. Kruspe and Mr. Arnaud Giroux, in [more…]

On the world’s stages with Rammstein

Whoever’s in search for the mythical Prenzlauer Berg as the home of the art- and music scene, will still find a lot of it [more…]

Richard Kruspe: Rammstein Is ‘Taking Time Off’

Guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe of German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN spoke to UK’s Metal Hammer magazine about the band’s current status, five years after the release of RAMMSTEIN’s latest studio album, ”Liebe Ist [more…]
Thilo “Baby“ Goos has successfully made his hobby into a profession: providing services for bands. But he doesn't want Black Box to expand at any cost, “We want to be the best company one day, not the biggest.”

Thilo “Baby“ Goos (BBM) – The American Way of Life – East German Style

Thilo “Baby“ Goos outfits bands for their world tours. In this interview, the boss of Black Box Music talks about international stars, such as [more…]