Our beloved doctor for the soul: the friendly Mr. Lindemann

The most famous German popstar of them all, Till Lindemann, even without his band, Rammstein, and singing in English, is the perpetual ‘enfant terrible’ [more…].

Rammstein is back!

It appears that Rammstein machinery is on again. The new post on the band’s Facebook  page features several of the band members setting up equipment accompanied by the [more…]

Rammstein in Amerika: Through the eye of the fans.

Wir hören Euch! What a ride this proved to be; it was a real challenge to choose from all the wonderful accounts and pictures [more…]

Alligator Ribs and Roaches under the Hood.

They came, they saw, they conquered; these days, that Rammstein has set the continent on fire is a fact. The new documentary, “Rammstein in [more…]


Project: WILLKOMMEN IN AMERIKA #DasWartenHatEinEnde In celebration of the new Rammstein live DvD, we, at Rammstein USA, want to celebrate with you! We embark on [more…]

DVD / Blu-ray “Rammstein in Amerika”

Long awaited by fans ,  double DVD / Blu-ray “Rammstein in Amerika” is set to be released worldwide on September 25th, 2015 through Universal Music [more…].
in amerika

Official trailer for “Rammstein In Amerika”

Official trailer for “Rammstein In Amerika” is released on newly launched Official Rammstein Youtube channel. So far there is no additional information about the [more…]

When Steel Meets Metal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines…Steel meets Metal in explosive mix of rock, high octane fuel, lace, leather and mean machines. We’re on the [more…]

Metro Belgium: Lindemann – “I am a very funny guy”

After a long tour, Rammstein decided to take a break. This has enabled its singer, Till Lindemann, to tackle a project close to his heart: [more…]

Rock Tribune Magazine (Belgium): Man was not made to love. We are and remain beasts. Animals have no love life”. – Till Lindemann

  JOINED IN MATRIMONY What do you do when your successful band is going to rest on their laurels for a while and you [more…]