CloseUP Magazine: Leave good taste at the door

Leave good taste at the door if you want to have fun with LINDEMANN, a collaboration between Peter Tägtgren and the Rammstein vocalist, Till [more…]

Metal’s best kept secret

Wrongly proclaimed as a solo breakaway of RAMMSTEIN’s singer, LINDEMANN is the fruit of a collaboration between Till Lindemann and producer/multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (PAIN [more…]

La Heavy Magazine: We want to hit the road

The fact that the frontman is Till Lindemann, the big guy singer from Rammstein, even it’s still in dry dock, makes this record one [more…]

Orkus Magazin: Listening Lindemann

What was nothing more than a rumor only a couple of months ago, a first hint of a sensation, has since then manifested and [more…]

Sonic Seducer on Lindemann’s first album, “Skills in Pills“.

The story is like something out of an action movie: during the production of the Rammstein album, “Mutter“, Flake and Lindemann spent few days [more…]

Aardschok Magazine: German – Swedish Pact (LINDEMANN)

At the moment, Rammstein is in deep hibernation and it doesn’t look like they will wake up any time soon. After years of relentless touring and recording [more…]

Rock Hard Magazine: Spying in the studio – Golden Shower (LINDEMANN)

LINDEMANN is one of the craziest and most surprising– but at the same time, most logical – collaborations in the business, if you know [more…]

I’m a bit scared

“I’m a bit scared“ Interview by Manuel Berger, He’s Till Lindemann’s sex slave and punching bag, gets cooked into a stew on a [more…]

Children like to sleep in cribs

The Rammstein keyboard player, Flake Lorenz, likes to reminisce about his youth in the East, a lot of alcohol and Hiddensee. And now, he’s [more…]

Brilliant Stages tours Europe with Rammstein

Brilliant Stages were approached by Jon Perry of Perry Scenic to collaborate on the supply of the staging for German Industrial Metal Rock Band, Rammstein who tour Europe and the Eastern [more…]